The new free-arm sunshade with flair

From the open-air season 2018, the first class wooden sunshade is called AURA. Square shaped and ideal for larger external surfaces, this exclusive free-arm sunshade creates magical moments in the open air with its finest craftsmanship.

Aura impresses with the dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 or 4 x 4 metres, and captivates with numerous finesses in its materials and technology. While powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel inserts in a warm silver shade highlight the design, exposed visible parts especially are finished with luxurious nickel-plated brass. A stabilising aluminium pole core and special paint layers perfectly accentuate the choice eucalyptus wood and guarantee a long lifespan.

AURA can be opened and closed easily with a removable hand crank with wooden handle. By releasing the locking lever on the pole, the sunshade can be rotated 360°. If you require visual or sun protection for a low sun, the sunshade roof can be tilted against the pole. Thanks to the laterally placed poles, you can make the most out of the surface under the cover.

Available in numerous colour shades of material class 5, AURA doesn’t just score points with durability and craftsmanship of finest materials. It also has something which no other free-arm sunshade has ever had: A warm AURA of security which lets you relax right away.

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