Lightweight Castor Base

With the elegant castor bases, at 90 and 150 kilograms each, becoming best-sellers, the sunshade professional Glatz is now stacking a lower weight category in its range of fastenings with the 55 kilogram design. Smaller sunshades such as the best-sellers Alu-Smart and Alu-Twist can easily be moved from one place to another with the new lightweight castor base. As with the castor bases in the medium and heavyweight categories, a "brake and release system" is also integrated into the lightweight design castor base. A gentle kick with the foot is enough to loosen or fix the parking brake system. Modern and timeless in its design, the new castor base doesn't just impress due to its flexible use and operability, but above all due to its high-quality material properties. Wet cast concrete is used instead of pressed concrete for all castor bases. Thanks to its honey-like consistency, it can not only be poured into any shape but structures as well as smooth surfaces with an almost pore-free surface density can also be recreated. The latter in turn makes the three castor bases very easy to maintain. Once again, it becomes clear with the castor base in the lightweight category: the more flexible the fastening for a sunshade is, the faster the shaded area can be changed. The Swiss sunshade manufacturer offers a reliable sunshade fastening for every model and every location..