With the "GLATZ Augmented Reality App", you can select your desired sunshade and project it into your yard, on your terrace or your balcony and consequently find the ideal location for your new sunshade.

The display in 3D also lets you view the sunshade from all perspectives. And here is how the "GLATZ Augmented Reality App” works:

Point the camera of your mobile device at the desired location in your yard and choose your favourite sunshade on the display. A 3D model of the selected sunshade is then inserted into the camera image. You can then easily move and rotate the sunshade on the screen of your mobile device to the desired position. You can also select the desired size, shape and colour.

Here’s wishing you lots of fun with the GLATZ APP! Click here to download. GLATZ AG accepts no liability in relation to size, shape and colour of the sunshade and base. There can be differences, and the app cannot replace a visit and a look at the sunshades at one of our dealers.