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EST. 1895

125 Year Anniversary


GLATZ catalogue 2019 – Making of

No shady spot is like the next one – let alone in Italy with its splendid regions, villages, squares, and historic palazzos. For the fourth time in a row, German photographer Mike Meyer staged our sunshades together with his team and captured the best of dolce vita for our current GLATZ catalogue. From the ragged Amalfi coast cliffs, the picturesque village of Bardolino at lake Garda, the vast rolling hills of Tuscany to the history-charged city of Verona, famous scene for Shakespeare’s novel “Romeo and Juliet”: His 18 impressive photographs convey so much more than just sunshine and life at its fullest. They are an actual tribute to Italy. Meyer’s pictures enchant the viewers. They feel, sense, and smell the landscapes, the culture, the art and cuisine of this superb Mediterranean country. It seems as if one just came back from there. Emotions, memories, and yearnings are roused without fail. As we leaf through our current catalogue 2019, we find ourselves dreaming about our next holiday. We would love to pack a suitcase right now. Would you?

Making of