Good reasons for a GLATZ sunshade

GLATZ - everything speaks in favour of our sunshades and us. Because we rely on Swiss quality and the know-how gathered in the 125 years since we first began designing and making sunshades.

  • All of our products are developed by team of developers in Switzerland, the functions are ergonomic and many of our control components have international patents.
  • We have 19 different models of sunshades, most of which are available in three different shapes, a wide range of sizes and up to 80 different colours ‑ we offer the largest range of sunshades in the world.
  • We follow a selective distribution strategy: in other words, we carefully select and train our dealers and sales partners before authorising them to sell our products. This ensures excellent service for our end customers.
  • We develop and where necessary supply accessories for our products that are 100% compatible. Our portfolio ranges from fastenings to other accessories such as protective covers, radiant heater and bistro tables.
  • We have been in business since 1895. That means 125 years of history and experienced, combined with a desire and ability to innovate that is as strong now as it was on the very first day.