Employee portraits

Behind the Scenes

As in life itself, every employee at Glatz has their place and makes a 100% contribution; everyone is appreciated not only for their efforts but also as an individual; and you can see that everyone in the company feels good. Product Manager Georg Mayer believes that the reasons for this are the company's management style and excellent working atmosphere. "All of us here address one another informally, and people are ready and willing to listen to others' opinions." What Liliana Hinder values so much, on the other hand, is that Glatz allows her such extensive scope to express her creativity as a fashion designer – with the result that she marked the company's 125th anniversary by surprising the entire workforce with a ball gown that she had sewn herself from sunshade covers. Marc Felber, a member of the in-house sales team, brings the same combination of passion, discipline and sheer fun to his job as to his dedicated role as electric guitarist and vocalist in his band – an approach that has a positive knock-on effect on customer relations. And as a native of Calabria who cherishes family traditions with heart and soul, Gianna Chiera draws inspiration from the generosity and humanity that Glatz shows towards its employees. Thanks to Glatz, this bookkeeper took the bold step of moving into the world of digital accounts receivable accounting.

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