Mollerus Limited Edition

Limited Edition Mollerus

In 2016 Swiss sunshade manufacturer GLATZ and the Swiss handbag label Maison Mollerus collaborated in launching a debut and introduced their GLATZ Limited Edition by Maison Mollerus.

The classic sunshade ALEXO® successfully presented itself in the elegant style of the Vinerus collection by Maison Mollerus. With this, we not only created an exceptional outdoor fashion highlight, the ALEXO® in the Vinerus design also generated an extraordinary feeling of exclusivity away from the mainstream and blended the Swiss quality of the two time-honoured brands.

Now is your chance to purchase one of the last sunshades with a cover in the Mollerus colours black, pearl and taupe. Accentuate your very own personal style in outdoor living with the GLATZ Limited Edition by Mollerus.

All details you may need are provided here.