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EST. 1895

125 Year Anniversary


New extras for the Palazzo

Advances in technology are also finding their way into the Palazzo Style, Noblesse and Royal giant sunshades. The demands on providers of shade are huge, especially in open-air catering and dining. Just one more reason for Glatz to furnish the popular giant sunshades with new extras. The more that can be integrated into the sunshade roof, the centre pole and the struts, the smoother its operation outdoors. Independent of the sunshade model, format and size, multicolour RGBW LED strips can now be integrated into the struts, on request. Dimming the LED illumination, switching it on and off, regulating the heating or opening and closing the shade roof – all this is available individually or together with a BUS connection in various versions. Equipment is now pre-assembled on all Palazzo giant sunshades that can be combined with all brand manufacturers who specialise in home controls . Optionally, the new waterproof and dirt-repellent cover puts up some resistance: made from the special PVC-coated Precontraint 302 fabric, it is durable and withstands the harshest weather conditions as well as urban dirt and road particles without any problems. Safety before comfort: always built to be robust and modified with reinforced toothed belts, high-quality materials as well as being equipped with a new generation of motors, every Palazzo model with electrical accessories is also checked for electrical safety by a new testing facility.