Sombrano S+ - the number one among the free-arm sunshades

Often copied, but never matched: undisputedly, the Sombrano S+, from the Swiss sunshade manufacturer Glatz, is considered the number one among free-arm sunshades. As a forerunner when it comes to functionality, it is the only free-arm sunshade whose roof can be opened and closed simultaneously with a hand crank, without touching the seating furniture underneath it. If the pole in this model is attached to the side of the shade roof, the area underneath can be used in optimal fashion. With hardly any space required, it offers the greatest possible shade. Another advantage is the tilting rod: with it, the shade roof can be inclined conveniently up to 54° to the left or to the right and adjusted to the desired position. While the location remains unchanged, the roof, with a ball-bearing rotating base, can be rotated completely on its own axis and aligned according to the corresponding position of the sun. If the Sombrano S+ is available with a matt anodised or powder-coated graphite frame in material classes 2, 4 and 5, a ground socket that is firmly anchored in the soil is suitable as a space-saving fastening for this model. If the user wants flexibility to change the sunshade location more often, the design castor base in weight class 150 kg is recommended. Modern and timeless in design, equipped with a fine galvanised steel frame together with castors, four individual, insertable shelves made of wet cast concrete and an innovative brake and release system, it ensures secure fastening at the desired location.