Tour de Suisse

Wheels are turning with GLATZ

Glatz - the official sponsor of Tour de Suisse 2018

On or around 9 June 2018, everyone’s focus will shift to Frauenfeld, the largest city in the Thurgau region and headquarters of Glatz. One of the world’s most celebrated bicycle races will start in Switzerland and the world is watching! And we are part of it all, as the official sponsor of the Tour de Suisse (TdS). We are thrilled to support the TdS with a whole host of sunshades, since we share the love of our country and its people and we both have a long history marked by passion, hope, disappointment, pride and joy. While the TdS racers concentrate on strength, fitness, stamina and skill, we have been focusing on providing optimal shade for over 120 years. When it comes to patents and product development, we are already ahead of the competition. All that’s left to do is wait and see who wins and who will wear the hotly contested leader jersey of the TdS 2018.    

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