GLATZ – we have a short name, but a long and successful company history

Not least because we look after the things that are close to our heart. Our relations with our employees, customers, distributors and sponsorship partners are characterised by mutual appreciation, respect and trust.

Wheels are turning with GLATZ

Glatz - the official sponsor of Tour de Suisse 2021

One of the world’s most celebrated bicycle races will start in Switzerland and the world is watching! And we are part of it all, as the official sponsor of the Tour de Suisse (TdS). We are thrilled to support the TdS with a whole host of sunshades, since we share the love of our country and its people and we both have a long history marked by passion, hope, disappointment, pride and joy. While the TdS racers concentrate on strength, fitness, stamina and skill, we have been focusing on providing optimal shade for 125 years. When it comes to patents and product development, we are already ahead of the competition. All that’s left to do is wait and see who wins and who will wear the hotly contested leader jersey of the TdS 2021.

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Sponsored by GLATZ for many years, the Swiss Guild of Established Chefs was founded in 1954 as a professional association for certified chefs who also own a catering business. From upmarket guesthouses to gourmet restaurants, each ofthe 300 Swiss Guild establishments always promises a special culinary experience in terms of quality, atmosphere and service.

For more information about the Swiss Guild, visit www.gilde.ch



As a leading sunshade manufacturer, we are not just one of the original partners of the SWISS GASTRO AWARD – the only public restaurant prize in Switzerland; GLATZ is also the initiator of the Swiss Gastro “OUTDOOR” label.

Every year, the Best of Swiss Gastro association recognises the best new catering establishments in eight categories. Depending on their focus, a number of establishments also receive one of the three Swiss Gastro labels: “Grueen”, “Swiss Meat” or “OUTDOOR” for exceptional open-air dining. The catering concepts are bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and are just as innovative as the GLATZ product range.

Further information at www.bestofswissgastro.ch



As a company devoted to its homeland, GLATZ takes its social responsibility seriously and works with eminent representatives of the Swiss economy to support the Swiss Cancer Foundation (SCF) in the fight against cancer. With its donations, the SCF funds Swiss Cancer Research, the Swiss Cancer League and the cantonal cancer leagues in research projects as well as prevention and care for cancer patients and their dependants.

For more information about the Swiss Cancer Foundation, visit www.swisscancerfoundation.ch

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