Trademarks & Patents

The original is always better than its imitators!

Just as our sunshades shield you from the sun, rain and wind, we guard against product piracy and arm ourselves against imitators with patents and trademarks in Switzerland, Europe and overseas. Our ideas and product developments are our capital: given our 117-year company history, our product range guarantees finest Swiss quality that combines technical know-how, imagination, sophisticated design and superlative functionality. These assets need to be protected.

GLATZ® is an internationally registered and protected trademark for our garden and giant sunshade models. With patent, trademark and design protection rights, GLATZ not only strengthens its market position, expertise and outstanding image, but also stimulates the creativity of its first-class product designers.

We currently hold more than ten internationally registered functional patents, primarily covering the user comfort, the optimal shading and the excellent all-weather quality of a variety of different sunshades. Whilst the SOMBRANO® model uses a sunshade tilting system, the roller guides of the PENDALEX® ensure that the sunshade roof can be easily extended, opened and adjusted. Other new inventions are currently pending approval by international inspection bodies.

Functionality is one thing, design is another: for example, characteristically shaped assemblies and distinctive components such as pole sections and ergonomic operating controls on the FORTINO® and FORTERO® models are internationally registered designs.

Only one sunshade can call itself ALEXO® - the one made by GLATZ! To reassure our customers, we have secured official international protection not only for our design classic but also the popular PENDALEX®, CASTELLO®, SUNWING®, SOMBRANO® and PALAZZO® sunshade models.

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