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In cases of breakage or damage, who is responsible for my repair inquiry?

In cases of breakage or damage, a report must be compiled first. This includes the scope and cause of the damage and the precise GLATZ product designation. In addition to this, it is necessary to clarify in advance as to whether warranty services are available. To assess the latter, a copy of your original invoice is required. In general, the retailer from whom you purchased the product is responsible for processing the case of damage and acts as your direct personal contact.

In exceptional cases, such as if your retailer is no longer in business or you are not satisfied with your GLATZ retailer, you can submit your damage claim directly to GLATZ. To do this, please use the following form:

GLATZ Service form

Complete this form and then return it to us at:

Please do not forget to enclose your purchase receipt and a photo of the damage in your email to our Support Center.

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