Form Follows Function
Our Swiss product designers are developing all sunshades based on ergonomic principles according to the maxim “form follows function”. There is a reason why we own the most patents and applications for model and design protection in Europe.

The widest range of sunshades worldwide
Our product range consists of 27 different types of sunshades, primarily available in three separate shapes, countless sizes and up to 90 shades of color and representing the widest range of sunshades worldwide                                       

High-quality products and optimal service
GLATZ AG pursues a selective sales strategy. We carefully choose and train our retailers and distribution partners and subsequently authorize them to sell. This allows us to offer high-quality, durable products and provide optimal service, covering every aspect of sun protection made by GLATZ.

Extensive accessories
GLATZ has an extensive variety of accessories available: we optionally offer the matching original accessories for every model, 100 percent compatible with our sunshades, and providing optimal fastening and stability.

125 years of experience
The key factors of our success are 125 years of experience combined with inventiveness, as compelling as on day one.

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