GLATZ Material class

Why is the material class a factor in choosing a sunshade?

A sunshade by GLATZ expertly combines functionality and design, adding a touch of style to any outdoor area. The sunshade roof not only catches the eye but also provides protection. All GLATZ fabrics are characterised by outstanding quality.

What does a material class mean and which material classes are available?

All GLATZ fabrics are subdivided according to material, coating and UV protection into material classes 2 (the off-the-shelf “Easy collection”), 4 and 5 (the “Individual” and “Professional” range). Materials are not simply classified by rating; the material classes denote the extent to which the properties are exhibited by each fabric.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between the material class and UV protection, lightfastness, surface weight and water column.

The following graphic compares the properties of the different GLATZ fabric classes:

Which material class does GLATZ recommend?

A sunshade “made by GLATZ” stands for maximum functionality, sophisticated design, a love of detail and outstanding Swiss quality. So when it comes to the sunshade cover, GLATZ always recommends choosing the very best – material classes 4 and 5. These premium fabrics combine high UV protection and lightfastness with a considerable fading period. All of them have a long life span that will delight sunshade owners summer after summer.

For budget-conscious consumers who are less demanding in terms of lightfastness, water repellence and dirt resistance, material class 2 is the ideal choice. These fabrics are used by GLATZ exclusively for sunshades in the “Easy collection” - the off-the-shelf range available from GLATZ dealers.

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