In order to avoid injuries to persons and damage to property, GLATZ recommends that only original accessories should be used to secure the sunshade. An important step before beginning is to examine the characteristics of the ground that the sunshade will be standing on, the course of the sun, as well as the location such as garden, terrace, balcony or culinary establishment. Only a correctly fastened and secured sunshade ensures general stability and will be able to withstand wind gusts. Whether base, ground sockets, wall console, mounting plates – GLATZ offers the corresponding original accessories for each sunshade and location in order to ensure secure fastening.

Types of fastenings for GLATZ sunshades

Whether gravel, wood or concrete grounds, grass, balconies or terraces – depending on the ground characteristics, the amount of space available and whether the sunshade is also to be used at several other locations, GLATZ has fixed and mobile types of fastenings to choose from.



1. Base
(quick to set up, easy to use and durable)


2. Balcony clamp
(locking barrier – ideal for balconies with a low handrail)


3. Lawn spike
(lawn spike, perfect for fastening small sunshades on grass grounds)




1. Ground socket
(space-saving thanks to vertical screw joints on the wall)


2. Mounting plate
(high stability thanks to the fixed ground anchoring)


3. Wall console
(space-saving thanks to vertical screw joints on the wall)




Tips & Tricks
For each GLATZ sundshade, there is an original and secure fastener

In order to ensure that the sunshade does not take its leave as soon as the first gust of wind blows, GLATZ recommends that you take sufficient time to get to know the shaded area where you want to place the sunshade before purchasing. The size and the quality of the sunshade, the place and the amount it will be used determine the type of fastening that can be used and this in turn depends on the location, the ground characteristics, the course of the sun and the amount of space available.


If you are flexible when it comes to the sunshade’s location we recommend a lawn spike for lawns or the classic base with or without casters for solid ground. If you have a set location outdoors, than a permanently anchored ground socket is ideal. If the underground is solid, a mounting plate is a very good choice. If your seating location has a running wall around it, a wall console is a great solution. In the case of smaller balconies, in addition to the classic base, the balcony clamp or wall console are clever choices as space-saving fastening solutions. In order to ensure that service staff from the gastronomy and hotel industries who tend tables outdoors do not get tripped up on a constant basis, in the case of large sunshades, GLATZ recommends using sockets that are securely anchored in the ground.


Which sunshade fastener is the best for your outdoor area is something that your local GLATZ retailer will be happy to help you find out.

You can find out which fastening solutions are available for your GLATZ sunshade by consulting the table:


  shade base ground socket wall console mounting plate lawn spike balcony clamp
Sunshades - wooden       
ALEXO® x x x   x  
PIAZZINO x x x      
TEAKWOOD x x x      
AURA x x   x    
Sunshades with aluminium centre pole    
ALU-SMART x x x   x x
ALU-TWIST x x x   x x
FORTINO® x x x      
FORTERO® x x x x    
FORTELLO® / LED x x x x    
Sunshades with aluminium free-arm      
SUNWING® C+ x x x x    
SOMBRANO® S+ x x x x    
SOMBRANO® easy x x x x    
PENDALEX® P+ x x x x    
Giant sunshade        
AMBIENTE x x x x    
CASTELLO® M4 x x x x    
PALAZZO® Style / E x x x x    
PALAZZO® Noblesse / E x x x x    
PALAZZO® Royal / E x x x x    
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