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How to make sure you enjoy a Glatz sunshade even longer.


The “Care Instructions” document contains the most important care instructions for your sunshade. If your sunshade has any dirty marks, you will then be able to clean them off yourself.
If dry cleaning is required, however, we recommend the following companies:


Firma Schattenwerk, Mark Schori, +41 78 894 59 99 , ,
Stoll Stores, Elodie Villard, +41 24 447 47 07,,

Verband DT Sonnenschutzreiniger (Assoc. of German Sun Protection Cleaners), +49 69 560 34 90,,

SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH, +43 664 5324022,,


How to secure your sunshade

Your sunshade should be secured correctly so as to prevent damage caused by the use of clips or abrasion and premature wear caused by the flapping of the fabric in the wind:

  • After closing the sunshade, remove all the lengths of material from between the struts
  • Wrap the lengths of material in tight layers around the sunshade part
  • Secure the wrapped lengths of material with the provided straps. (The fabric should not flap in the wind)


Repairing the rod ends

It is generally possible to replace roof struts that are broken or defective on all models. Depending on the model of sunshade, basic technical knowledge (garden sunshades) or advanced technical knowledge (giant sunshades) is however required. We recommend the completion of the replacement work by an expert. Please consult the retailer from whom you purchased the product to receive the appropriate assistance.


Care of teak and maple wood


Teak is a very strong, weatherproof material that gains a natural patina over the course of time (a thin, silver-gray coating). This patina can be cleaned-off with a scouring pad and a little hot water if required. If you would like to maintain the original coloration of the wood, once it is dry, you can treat the wood with teak oil (available at most DIY stores). You can leave untreated teak sunshades outside in the winter. Teak sunshades that have been treated with teak oil, however, should be kept under cover.

On the Piazzino model, the sunshade rods are varnished. To maintain its attractive appearance, the frame should stay as dry as possible. If this isn't always possible, drying the wood with a soft rag is recommended. Dirt should be wiped away with a damp rag and then dried with a soft cloth.

In all cases, we recommend covering the sunshade fabric with a protective cover.


Care of stainless steel & aluminum

Aluminum is an easy-care material. However, dirt should be wiped away with a damp rag and then dried with a soft cloth.

The stainless steel used is manufactured in 1.4301 / 304 material quality, the industrial standard for outdoor articles. As high quality stainless steel is constantly exposed to weathering, it should be maintained at regular intervals in order to retain its original appearance. Although stainless steel is generally resistant to corrosion, the impact of salt or chlorine can leave small brown marks on its surface. These have no impact on the durability or lifespan of the product. This amounts to surface discoloration only, which can be removed easily with the use of a sponge. It is necessary to make sure that you rub the steel gently in the direction of the surface treatment. In the case of older stains, we advise you to treat the material with a «stainless steel cleaner».


Winter storage & maintenance

GLATZ sunshades are only manufactured with materials that comply with industrial standards for outdoor articles. In spite of high technological standards during the manufacturing of the GLATZ products, wear caused by weathering can occur and is impossible to avoid. To ensure the greatest possible protection, during the winter months, we recommend storing your sunshade under cover, or if it is left outside, with the use of an original protective cover from GLATZ.


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